Neutering is part of caring for your cat and a neutered cat is usually cleaner, more affectionate, healthier and less likely to stray and fight.

Neutering also removes some of the risks of developing cancer in both male and female cats.

Most stray female cats that we rescue have become lost while looking for a mate and arrive at our branch pregnant. (A female cat can be responsable for up to 20,000 kittens in its lifetime.)

A female cat who has recently had kittens can be neutered when the kittens are 6 weeks old - otherwise she can get pregnant again very soon.

Neutering vouchers are available to help with the cost of neutering your cat, to those who are on a very low income or certain benefits.

If you need help with neutering please leave your name and number VERY CLEARLY on the helpline 01892 516377.

If our answer phone comes on, please leave a brief message and land line number so that we can call you back.

We can also help with trapping and neutering feral cats and sometimes have ferals available for good homes on farms and stables.